South Tacoma Auto’s Superior Service

There’s nothing like having to wait for hours to take all the steam out of your day. Even the most comfortable waiting room is just that: a place to wait. That’s why we focus on ensuring that we’re ready for you when you get here! When you reach out to us through our website, Facebook, or anywhere else you see our cars, you’ll be directly in touch with one of our knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful agents. They’re all real people, and all have a passion for shining a light on the process of buying a car. There’s no reason in the digital age that buying a used car should ever be anything less than convenient, simple, and fun; we believe that starts on the first call 🙂

Our agents will answer all your questions, go out snap pictures of particular features, guide you through our finance application and schedule an appointment for you to come take a look at the vehicle of your choice! It’ll be pulled up and ready to go when you arrive, with a friendly face waiting for you! No more standing in the lobby waiting for someone to appear; you’ll be greeted and shown straight to your vehicle! We’ll get you through our financing quickly and efficiently, and you’ll be on the road in your new vehicle in less than 2 hours 🙂


How We Make it Fast

A couple small process changes means a world of difference to our customers! Here’s how we get you through quickly and easily:

  • We answer your questions in advance so you know exactly what you’re coming to see
  • We schedule an appointment with you to make sure we’re expecting you when you arrive
  • We start the finance process as soon as you arrive so you’re approved while you test drive