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Shipping Partners

At South Tacoma Auto we know that our out of state customers care about the quality of the shipping partner they choose to move their new purchase from our home to theirs. We have been working with these shipping partners for years and we firmly believe that they deliver quality service and reliable results, and have for decades. These are the companies we trust with our vehicles, and we are proud to recommend them to our customers.

United Road Transport

United Road is the leader in auto transport and offers a reliable, quality transportation service that is time tested and sure to get your vehicle to you in pristine condition. UR My Vehicle Transport is a worry-free way to move vehicles across the country after purchasing your car outside of Washington State.

We know that choosing a car-hauling expert is a serious decision. You need the peace of mind knowing that the partner you choose is committed to delivering your car on time and damage free, and South Tacoma Auto is proud to support the work of United Road.  (877)322-5697.

ATS Transportation Services

Included in this transportation is door-to-door trailer service with either a closed trailer or traditional auto shipping trailer. Our customers enjoy the convenience of ATS’s service and the cost efficiency of their work, and how time saving their process really is!

At Auto Transport Specialists they know price isn’t the only factor. The cost, transport time, and service are thoroughly evaluated for every transport to ensure an accurate and competitive quote that will meet your requirements.

Because each individual transport is unique, dedicated coordination throughout each step of the process is essential. Our transport specialists make you aware of all the options available when planning your transport. Once in progress, your customer service representative tracks your vehicle and keeps you informed from pick-up to delivery.
Reliable Support

If you have a question please don’t at hesitate to call them at 888-913-2784! They provide detailed safety and compliance checks with all carriers and carry operating authority and insurance. Bottom line, they are an honest and ethical business that is here to give the support you deserve.

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