Give your Vehicle a Professional Look

Is your vehicle looking a little rough? Do you want it to sparkle and shine like it just rolled off the showroom floor? Our experts can handle anything from minor stains to major scratches to make your ride look brand new.

Exterior Detail


1. Full Vacuum
2. Clean all Glass
3. Clean all Door Panels
4. Removal of Upholstery Stains
5. Shampoo and Extraction of all Carpet and Floor Mats
6. Thorough Cleaning of all Plastic, Vinyl, Leather Followed by Application of Protective

Cars, Small Trucks and SUV’s: Only $124.95!
Mini-Vans, Large Trucks/SUV’s: Only $139.95!

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1. Hand Wash and Dry
2. Clean Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Wells
3. Thorough Cleaning of all Door Jambs, and Underside of Hood
4. Clean Engine Bay, and Apply Protective Dressing to All Applicable Surfaces
5. Application of Tire Dressing
6. Machine Polish Removal of Swirl Marks and Light Scratches
7. Restoration of Faded Black Trim
8. Premium Wax Application

Cars and Small Trucks and SUVs: Only $149.95!
Mini-Vans, Large Trucks and SUV’s: Only $169.95!

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Interior Detail

Or Get Both for a Reduced Rate!

Cars, Small Trucks/SUV’s: Only $249.95!

Mini-Vans, Large Trucks/SUV’s: Only $289.95

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