South Tacoma Auto believes in changing the used car industry with innovative business practices

South Tacoma Auto is a place of welcome, contribution, and belonging. We strive to build our team with people who will change us for the better, and we believe that everyone who passes through our doors has something to offer South Tacoma Auto. We are a place of growth, resonance, and creativity – we eagerly welcome new members to the team as we expand our horizons.

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What Our Employees are Saying

“Great place to work. Ownership is very progressive. They are always willing to listen to ideas from any employee. Clean facility, good service department, really good buyers and they really do care about their employees. The truly believe in employees first.”

“I love my job at South Tacoma Auto. They really treat their employees with care and the owners are genuinely interested in the people who work here. It’s a great place to call home.”

I enjoyed working here. I learned many things from Lenders and their reps as well as my fellow colleagues. I was part of the management crew and the fellow managers were mostly pleasant. My Coworkers were amazing…. I enjoyed the environment, the people and helping people get into vehicles.

“Love the energy,the camaraderie and the creativity. Anyone who has an idea is given the support they need to try their idea out. Depends on the department you are in, but for the most part there is a lot of flexibility in work schedules for work life balance. Also, anyone that wants to, can join the Leadership Development Experience, I enjoy coming to work, it’s a fun environment where everyone cares about each other.”